St. A's Fun Family Photo Album


     3 Generations of Williams Fishermen! (notice that there are NO fish pictures)


             colored fish


 Summer 20015



                                                . .Gooo  Taylor                         Gooooooooooooo!

                         Summer 2015 Gem Lakes








  Gee . . I hope they left the silverware!


 Jack & Susan basking in Curalina's amazing win in the CCA Oaks at Saratoga, summer 2015.


Pemberton girls


               Which one is the LIFE    GUARD????   



                            life guard chair                    

                                                           Pemberton girls + friends Summer 2015             



All we asked for was a PBJ sandwich and now Grampa Leroy is making Fish??? (wonder if it is from Mr. Williams?)  LOVE YOU GRAMPA!!!!

 Summer 2015                


Doris Briggs seeking out "Lunch on the way to Boothbay Harbor, Maine"      


  Should we be  concerned if there is a hospital near by???
                             LOL- hee,hee,hee! 


 Swim Freddie, swim as fast as you can!


Great pic Amy Weiss - Such a
handsome family!  Oops - but
where is Chuck? (fishing with Tom!?)




       lovebugheartNow here is a Sweet Mom and daughter moment!  Tricia and Taylor oxoxoxox



Emma Grace watering plants


Be sure to keep an eye on Emma Grace when she has a watering can . . .she is sure to empy your well!!  But she is such a GOOD HELPER!     Preparing for Movie Night 08.2015  



Marilyn mowing


A word of caution, "BE ON THE LOOK OUT OF MARILYN BUSH CUTTING THE CHURCH PROPERTY LAWN!"  She flys on that mower . . .cloud.of.dust

   Doris.lobster roll


"A whole lobster in my lobster roll today at lunch!"

Boothbay Harbor, Maine   Summer 2015

OK Doris - Now I am jealous!  Perhaps we can share?

Sorry Freddie - you are cooked!  YUMMM!

. . . . . . . . . lobster.reversed


Now here are some similing faces!!             


we're all so PROUD of you (and you Chuck)


  Zachary killed his first deer last night with Chuck Weiss!! He dropped a 124 lbs 5 point buck! I'm one proud Momma!!

Amy Weiss,  Summer 2015


















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